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John Sotherland

I’ve been riding bicycles my whole life and building bicycles for more than 20 years. I began at the bottom of the frame-building food chain, working at the Paramount factory as a machinist back when that company was still defining the direction of cycling in this country and around the world.

Fast forward through years learning everything I could about designing and building bicycles and there I was, one of the few craftsmen at the Paramount factory, then with Rivendell, and later Waterford. Making frames for professional teams, serious amateur races, enthusiasts. Road, track, cyclocross, touring.

My approach to building a custom bicycle is simple: focus on the pragmatics of what you enjoy and want from riding, and translate that into a bicycle that makes you happy.

Super light, super strong modern steel tubing

Not “gee, this is nice” kind of happy, but the “every time I get on this bike it feels fluid, I am comfortable, I am efficient, it’s an extension of me” kind of happy.

And I can do that because I understand the difference between durable performance and a passing trend. I build frames using sound fabrication methods that will give you decades of enjoyable riding. And I have built those frames thousands of times.

I build frames and produce complete bicycles that combine the right mix of components for you, again with an eye to sound choices, performance and durability.

My experience means I have point of view that’s informed and direct. I don’t mince words. My attention to detail is obsessive. I only build what I believe will work, and work well for you. I don’t do filigree or eye candy.

I build durable, reliable bikes using designs that are proven to deliver results.

For more details check my Products page. For frame photos click on the images in the film strip at the top of the page.

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