Cycling has been a part of me and my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve logged thousands and thousands of miles on my bikes, but in a lot of respects I felt like my life on my bike began all over again when the first time I rode my Sotherland. I learned how much more enjoyable and effortless riding could be when someone with John’s insight and understanding of how I rode created such a personalized fit.

John understood what and why I rode my bike, and designed the frame’s geometry, materials, and fabrication so I could get the most fun and enjoyment out of every pedal stroke, every tight turn, every bunny-hop.

My Sotherland replaced a Colnago CT-1 that I purchased new and put 10,000+ of miles on.¬†In just a few minutes John could see where this frame and geometry had caused my body to bend and adapt, to compromise my effort, efficiency, and comfort. The bike he built for me for the first time makes me feel truly connected to the road. I’m more relaxed and able to focus my energy and attention on what I enjoy about riding a bike.

My Sotherland rides so much smoother, with a dramatic increase in control and precision, and all of this within an ounce or two of the mass produced, welded titanium frame it replaced.

And it’s simply beautiful. The black¬†metal-flacked powder-coat paint makes the frame look like it’s almost alive – a pleasant distraction when standing up on the pedals going uphill!


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