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My base frames are built with TrueTemper OX platinum tubing, and can be finished with painted or stainless chainstays. I’ve built steel bikes with every appropriate and imaginable tubing ever made. If you need or want a different material, we can sort that out.

Lugged road frame:

My road frames can be designed to provide you with the snappy, responsive ride you need for crits and sprints, or for maximum efficiency on long days in multi-stage races.

Lugged touring/randonneur frame:

An open geometry designed to handle the rigors of carrying you and your gear comfortably for miles and miles. Brazed on goodness means panniers and racks mount securely.

Lugged Cyclocross:

Designed for maximum comfort and performance in rugged riding, with brazed-on mounts for cantilevered brakes.

I build forks with performance and durability in mind, with you and your riding needs and style guiding the design. I will build for threadless or unthreaded steerer tubes, and prefer to build with 1 inch steerer tubes to ensure more dampening and durability as well as predictability of the finished steel product.

Base includes Henry James fork crown and stainless drop-out, appropriate gauged tubing for your needs and style and the resulting frame.

If you prefer a carbon fork, I am happy to design for that, and that should be determined before I design the frame, as it will dictate different dimensions and tube thicknesses.


Stainless lugs

I’m happy to dress up your bike while still keeping an eye on pragmatism, form and function. You can add a sterling silver head badge, or order your frame without a badge if that’s what you’d like. And I can finish your frame with polished stainless steel lugs and dropouts.

I will also happily add braze-ons for a variety of uses… for generator brackets, racks, or trailers.

To find the right bike for you, please see my product pricing page.

To begin the process, we’ll have a “Fit and Goals” conversation. The objective is to make sure you’ve picked the right builder and that I feel comfortable building what you want.

From there I’ll ask for a refundable deposit of $500 to secure a spot on the build schedule and set the stage for a more thorough understanding of you and your bike. We’ll have a series of lengthy discussions about you, your riding style, and your needs and priorities in your new bike before I start fabrication: basically how can I make you happy. With that I’ll have enough information to produce a firm quote for you.

The conversations aren’t just about the frame and fork, it’s about the entire bike, the optimal component choices and how the whole package will perform for you.

I’ll begin fabrication and set an estimated delivery date upon receiving a non-refundable down payment based on the quote. This down payment brings your pre-payment to half the frame cost. (Example: $1600 frame. Deposit = $500. Down payment = $300. Due on delivery = $800.)

Since we have a full-service, retail bike shop in Whitewater, Wisconsin, I do custom building in the off season (November through May), and when retail customers are not at the store.

When the frame is finished, we’ll confirm the finish options you’ve chosen and arrange for final assembly and delivery.

John Sotherland
1155 West Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190
(262) 473-4730
john (at)


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